SUCCESS THROUGH TOTAL DEDICATION

Lokmangal Training Academy :
Lokmangal Training Academy is a part of Shriram Pratishthan Mandal, isolated specially to develop wholesome personality of a person stressing more on developing personal and professional skills by means of imparting advance training from various experts. Lokmangal Training Academy is Recognized By District Industrial Center, Solapur & District Rural Developement Authority, Solapur.

Mission :

Ø  In the focus of objects all the activities shall be conducted to bring about expected results.  All the efforts will be result oriented.

Ø  Achievement of human values and virtues through every event conducted.  It will add in standards and living innovating thoughts and thinking process as a whole.

Ø  Social values are equally important and through this endeavor wholesome personality of individual will be built up resulting in ideal citizen.

Objectives :

Ø  To foster the growth of what is individualistic and reconciliation of the individual uniqueness with social unity

Ø  Using tools of training, shaping public and private sector personnel of all layers.  Inclusive of businessmen, administrators, managers, teachers, and every part of society.

Ø  Establishing network on large scale through training events

Ø  To strive for personal counselling as per need arranging events like seminars, lectures, debates, conferences, symposium etc. on various issues to impart knowledge and information.  To work with like minded organizations in a joint venture. 



Training Centre :

Training Centre is fully equipped with two big decorative halls having multi- media and projector facility.


Entrance :

There is a strong 24 hr. security for the training academy campus with a fully armed guard.


Computer Lab :

In the computer lab there are 50 computers with 24 hr. internet facility.


Library :

There are various tpes of books available in library which will help to develop your skills.


Hostel :

One can feel fresh after taking rest in well furnished room.  Hostel is placed in pollution free environment.


Mess : 

There is a refreshment unit which serves hygienic and quality foods.


Spiritual Centre :

It’s a place where one can have an experience of peace by interacting with own soul.


Campus :

Training Academy spread over in a 163 acre area with full of natural touch.


Activities : 


1)    “Teachers Motivation ” By Dr. Shrad Pilkhane


2)    Feedback of a Trainee woman in “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” for M.A.V.I.M.


3)    “Care for Early Blight Disease on Pomegranate” For Nursery Holders by Mr. Dilip Zende (D.S.A.O.)


4)    “Upcoming Challenges in Banking sector” By Mr. Bhandawalkar (D.R.D.O.)


5)    “Entrepreneurship Awareness” For ‘ Snehalaya’ students By Mr. Prakash thakare (C.E.O.)


6)    “Entrepreneurship Development” For SHG Women By Mr. Shivaji Pawar & Mr. Sawardekar (N.A.B.A.R.D.)


7)    “Co-operative Banking” for Bank Employees By Mr. Sunil Vaidya (C.A.)


8)    “Awareness programme” For M.A.V.I.M. Sahayoginies By Mr. Vivek Ghalasasi


9)    “Personality Development” For All Executives By Adv. Nitin Bharadwaj & Mrs. Nilima Kale



Self – Employment Training Programme :


1)    Goat Farming                     Two/Four wheeler Vehicle  Mechanic

2)    Dairy Farming                     Bakery

3)    Vedio Shooting                   Plastic Moulding

4)    Mobile Repairing                  Computer Hardware

5)    Beauty Parlour                    Food-Processing

6)    Texile Training                    Hotel Management/Catering

7)    Nursery Management           File & Folder Making


Visitors :


Visit of Dr. Rajaram Deshmukh Vice-Chancellor. M.P.K.V. – Rahuri


Visit of Dr. Osthwal Internationly Recognized Economist.


Training Subject :


Business/Entrepreneurship :

Humble contribution in national growth by bringing more awareness in young generation.



Personality Development :

Multifold shaping of maximum resulting in a perfect human.


Banking :

Encountering financial aspects, for perfect development of society with equity & social justice.


Teachers :

Assisting students in learning process by imparting skills & knowledge.


Education :

To built up a base of wisdom in multifold disciplines


Agriculture :

It is base of our economy to make it stronger with every activity we can.


Marketing :

To equip with ultra modern techniques assuring survival in century over coming competitors in every field.


Social :

Awareness of all social elements enabling a person to live peacefully in the society.   

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